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Heroes of Might and Magic® IV: Winds of War™

Create a map of the events described in the 20th Chapter of the works of John Ronald Ruel Tolkien's the Silmarillion.

Map for Heroes of Might and Magic® IV: Winds of War

Available to download here



Mount&Blade Warband

Is developing a mod for the game Mount&Blade Warband.
THE WORLD OF THE SILMARILLION.The first age of the sun.YEAR 471.
Abbreviated - FAS.471 .
Page development

Original map

Map for Mount&Blade Warband

Available to download here
Version from 2015_06_26
Mod http://worldsilmarillion.ru/0d/silmarillion_20150626.zip
MS http://worldsilmarillion.ru/0d/Module_system1.158_20150626.zip


To be continued...





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